• The Wadden Sea Centre in Ribe lighting up!

    Adding another award win to its repertoire - the Nordic Lighting Design Awards 2018

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  • Erfarne arkitekter og konstruktører søges til voksende Dorte Mandrup team

    Tegnestuen i København oplever en vedvarende tilgang af spændende projekter og vi søger derfor kollegaer med mindst 5 års projekteringserfaring.
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  • Knock on wood!

    Our Wadden Sea Centre in Ribe nominated for this year's Danish Wood Award!

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  • Happy Birthday Lange Eng

    10 years young! This weekend, Lange Eng in Albertslund celebrated a decade of community cohousing...

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  • Shortlisted in the 1st ever Dezeen Awards...

    The Wadden Sea Centre makes the cut - find us in the ‘civic and cultural buildings’ category – fingers crossed for the win!

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  • Breaking Ground at The Mineral

    The initial stages underway for our new mixed-use Mineral Water Factory project at Carlsberg Byen...

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  • Only for those that can afford it?

    How Danish cohousing values of the 1960s have been appropriated by today's over-saturated market. Our hyggeligt cohousing community, Lange Eng, still stands strong and The Financial Times got a look-in...

    (To read more click below or search "What millennial homes will look like in the future").

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  • A quick flick through our BIG art book!

    Hand luggage dimensions and travel-ready - available at the two official bookshops of the Venice Biennale and the Danish Association of Architects online store.

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  • The Icefjord Centre as “a bridge between civilization and nature...

    ...in one of the worlds harshest, most unforgiving climates”. Dorte discussing the Biennale Architettura 2018 theme, FREESPACE, and our interpretation.

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  • Champagne brunch - Roskilde Festival done rigtig rigtigt

    Friday funday for the whole office! A sun-filled opportunity to meet and greet clients and spend some quality time with colleagues.

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  • SOUND, LIGHT and COLOUR from the Arctic

    If you've not had the chance to visit yet, watch a timelapse of our exhibit at the Venice Architectural Biennale 2018 online! (Open to visitors in Venice until November 2018).

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  • A “kindred spirit” to Finn Juhl himself, Dorte Mandrup receives this year’s Finn Juhl award

    Given in appreciation of Dorte Mandrup's "unmistakable idealism, which could have been terribly annoying were it not delivered with an equally unmistakable sense of humour". Thank goodness for a sense of humour!
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  • Substandard social housing norms

    Dorte speaks out about the unambitious social housing in Denmark which ironically, isn't very social at all...

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  • A refreshing cleanse for Carlsberg's old Mineral Water Factory

    Retaining its dance-hall charm from days past, the Mineral Water Factory at Carlsberg Byen gets a new lease of life.

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  • The Mandrup Mobile's 1st road trip: Folkemødet 2018

    A sunny four days on Bornholm, where Dorte spoke about the rules and regulations of social housing today and how these standards are outdated, in favor of spaces where people should be able to meet people - much like Folkemødet!

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  • Is Dorte Mandrup UNESCO’s Favorite Architect?

    Challenging sites are no challenge in our eyes! UNESCO protected sites are notoriously full of architectural challenges, but we're more about troubleshooting than trouble-seeking...

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  • Taking FREESPACE to an Arctic extreme

    For human beings, the freedom of infinite space is daunting. Environments like the Arctic offer the experience of being surrounded by endless space. Conditions here are tough. Extreme cold, wind, snow and ice are all normal features of daily life and if not prepared, existence is harsh...
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  • A Wadden Sea trilogy

    Returning from Groningen, Netherlands, where we presented our winning design for a new Wadden Sea centre, we are excited to share the news of another project situated on the UNESCO protected Wadden Sea!
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  • Work on the Icefjord Centre is underway

    Illulissat is “the best place in the world to see climate change” and soon visitors will be able to witness this firsthand.
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  • The big reveal! Biennale Architettura 2018

    We are very happy to announce that we have been invited by this year’s curators, Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara of Grafton Architects, to exhibit at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia.
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  • Wood, steel, timber and glass in the Greenlandic landscape

    Realdania on the exciting reality of the Icefjord Centre to-be.
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  • The RIBA judges pay us a visit

    Our Wadden Sea Centre in Ribe under well-acclaimed scrutiny.
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  • Another UNESCO project coming up - this time in Wilhelmshaven

    As the winner of the competition for the Trilateral Wadden Sea Center in Germany is announced, we find ourselves with yet another World Heritage project on our hands.
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  • Sold out! Faster than ever before - Vidensfestival 2018

    Dorte Mandrup invited to share her knowledge when speaking at this years festival.

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  • Surprise and gratitude towards the Biennale

    Dorte Mandrup expresses our Biennale excitement.

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  • Fortheloveoflight getting it right

    Well deserved success for the acclaimed lighting team behind our Wadden Sea Centre in Ribe.

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  • Sex and power - leaving no leaf unturned

    Dorte Mandrup on power and sexual harassment in the most recent LEAF review.

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  • Do beautiful architecture and knowledge go hand-in-hand?

    Museums are consistently on the RIBA hit list says Lonely Planet - the Wadden Sea Centre in Ribe included.

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  • What is the Global Impact of Nordic Architects?

    Dorte Mandrup divulges more in this new book…
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  • Powerful women in high places

    Dorte Mandrup leaps 243 places in Dezeen's Hot List 2017.

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  • ‘Architect’ isn’t gender specific, and doesn’t need to be

    Dorte talking sense in Dezeen's top 10 architecture and design quotes of 2017.

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  • Longlisted for long precision-cut thatch!

    The Wadden Sea Centre in Ribe is among "the world's…most impressive architectural talent" says RIBA.

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  • Kind words from Arkitekten

    Our considered choice of materials for The Wadden Sea Centre in Ribe gaining gratitude in Arkitekten Vol. 119.

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  • CNN on our Salling Tower of Aarhus!

    Initially published by Phaidon and reiterated by CNN, the Salling Tower is evidently worth the visit.

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  • Art, Design and Architecture Award

    Honored for everything! Dorte Mandrup awarded for her "long line of remarkable and internationally award-winning works of great, artistic strength" says jury.
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  • The cat is out of the bag!

    Clothing company Bestseller unleash the plans for their vast new office space.
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  • Which one are you?

    Dorte Mandrup featured in Dezeen Magazine's list of "50 inspirational female architects” - but why the gendered category?
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  • An English-inspired Residence in Hørsholm

    With the air of an English countryside village, the new housing will accommodate the needs for privacy, social interaction and everything in-between.
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  • Art of Many – The Right to Space

    Our school successes at the Venice Biennale.
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  • A future built on tradition

    A completely re-conceptualized conversion and extension of the Wadden Sea Centre, Dorte Mandrup opens the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Site on February 2nd.
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  • IKEA Hubhult is good and green

    IKEA Hubhult is the most sustainable office building in Scandinavia.
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  • Mies van der Rohe Award nomination

    It's a “3 in 1" at Sundbyøster Hall II!
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  • Another UNESCO site for the books!

    "It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be the architect of two UNESCO World Heritage projects" - Dorte Mandrup on the Wadden Sea Centre in Ribe, and in reference to the Icefjord Centre in Greenland.
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  • IKEA Hubhult nominated

    ...for the worldwide BREEAM Award 2017.
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  • The National Bank loans a helping hand

    Dorte Mandrup is this year's recipient of The Danish National Bank's Anniversary Foundation Grant of 400,000dkk.
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  • The traditional nuclear family is no more

    Dorte discussing what dictates the way we build today at the OBOS Housing Conference 2016.

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