Dorte Mandrup is a team of die-hard overachievers. Striving towards the ultimate synthesis, we combine our firm grasp on reality with a knack for dreaming out loud – delivering the know-how to solidify ideas.

With Founder and Creative Director Dorte Mandrup firmly at the wheel, the team drives headfirst into complex architectural tasks armed with unconditional curiosity and an undying love for the process of finding an original take.

With almost 25 years of experience, we are always striving to perfect the art of listening and understanding the bigger picture. We have found our areas of expertise within the world of transformations, mixed use buildings, education & workspace and landmarks.

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“I have always been preoccupied with the creation of shapes” - Dorte Mandrup

Form and purpose

Originating from a background in sculpture and ceramics, Dorte Mandrup’s approach to architecture has always been ‘hands on’. Shape and form constitute the company ethos - to create spaces which are aesthetically pleasing, contextually relevant, and endorse human engagement.

We have found our areas of expertise within the world of transformations, mixed use buildings, education & workspace and landmarks.


The art of the successful transformation lies somewhere between the past and the future. When faced with the task of transforming – or adding to – an existing building, Dorte Mandrup immerses itself in a process of analyzing existing structures and function, and in researching future needs and desires. Somewhere in the middle – in the present – lies the potential for innovation, whether it be found by stripping down to a fundamental, original structure or by preserving an idea or a quality.

Education & Workspace

Education & Workspace

Creating a well-functioning workspace or a learning environment is nothing short of a gigantic, architectural jigsaw puzzle. The Dorte Mandrup approach is a balanced diet of listening and challenging: listening to and acknowledging the intricate patterns of workflow and user activities, while challenging the presumptions and traditional ideas of what a workplace or learning environment is. Gathering and processing large amounts of data, visualizing a framework for human behaviour and taking the identity and brand of the client into consideration, are all prerequisites for a successful result. A real-life 3D jigsaw puzzle of epic proportions!

Mixed Use

Mixed use

Complexity! Is a keyword in understanding the process behind architectural projects classified as Mixed Use. Complexity sums up the experience of designing a solution that accommodates all the specific needs and desires of diverse target groups, whose only common ground may be the physical site on which they reside. Combining housing, shops and public spaces is no small feat and requires in-depth analysis and a capacity for diversified solutions. Dorte Mandrup has many years of experience dealing with mixed use projects and is the go-to office for complicated assignments.



We used to affectionately refer to these projects as our supermodels – thereby acknowledging that all buildings are born equal, but some seem to be more equal than others. The term landmarks refers to projects that we simply HAVE to do; projects that beckon us and pull at our artistic heartstrings, whether it is an assignment or a place that requires something out of the ordinary. Some landmarks quickly reveal themselves in the conceptional phase, whereas others develop over time in public opinion – but all with artistic validity and originality at the core of their being.

Dorte Mandrup’s design philosophy is shaped by an artistic yet systematic mindset that permeates the entire studio. We encourage our clients to dream out loud and consider it our greatest responsibility to transform ideas into great, buildable design.
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Dorte Mandrup
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How we work

Dorte Mandrup is defined by a painstaking method of conceptual precision and explorative prototyping. Our understanding of contextual architecture goes above and beyond mere observation and towards an inquisitive, open, and highly subjective interpretation of all accessible facts, figures and feelings. This leads us toward architecture that is characterized by a certain pragmatic sensibility and contextual cohesion.