Ilulissat Icefjord Centre_Adam Mørk

Exhibition: Explore the importance of place

Our new exhibition 'PLACE' is on its way from Berlin to Paris. Opening at Le Bicolore - Maison du Danemark in Paris 8 September, the exhibition explores the unique narratives of each site, landscape, and terrain that have informed our designs.

Monocle's Architect of the Year

"From her care for the people using her structures to the appreciation of local materials and building methods as well as her ability to seamlessly and sensibly integrate buildings into a host of different contexts. We feel, she embodies what a great contemporary architect should be". Dorte Mandrup is Monocle's Architect of the Year.
"Dorte Mandrup’s architecture is conceived with an unmistakable attitude - an idealism probably quite annoying was it not delivered with an equally unmistakable sense of humour." Finn Juhl Award 2018
"For human beings, the freedom of infinite space is daunting. Environments like the Arctic offer the experience of being surrounded by endless space" - Dorte Mandrup.

Dorte Mandrup elected member of Akademie der Künste

“I am deeply honoured to have been appointed member of Akademie der Künste and I look forward to participate in the discussions with my colleagues in the architecture section. It is quite unique that the academy admits members from all over the world and thus welcomes a great diversity of perspectives and insights that transcends borders and enriches the cultural debate”.
Striving towards the ultimate synthesis, we combine our firm grasp on reality with the courage to push the boundaries of form and materiality.