"For human beings, the freedom of infinite space is daunting. Environments like the Arctic offer the experience of being surrounded by endless space" - Dorte Mandrup.
Wadden Sea Centre

The Wadden Sea Centre nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award

Through a synergy of nature, art, and architecture the building creates awareness of these important UNESCO-protected wetlands and contributes to a sustainable development of the peripheral rural area.
We're an architecture studio with a firm grasp on reality and the courage to push the boundaries of form and materiality.
Wadden Sea Centre

Dorte Mandrup: "Do not settle for a singular solution to sustainable architecture"

"Architects of tomorrow, advance your toolbox, deepen your knowledge and equip yourself with evidence. Do not settle for a singular solution to sustainable architecture but insist on making solutions based on context-specific choices".
"Dorte Mandrup’s architecture is conceived with an unmistakable attitude - an idealism probably quite annoying was it not delivered with an equally unmistakable sense of humour." Finn Juhl Award 2018
Dorte Mandrup, Karlskrona, culture house, library, UNESCO architecture

Adding another UNESCO site to our portfolio

We won the competition for a new culture house and library in the heart of Swedish baroque city Karlskrona - our fifth UNESCO-related project.
Jury chairwoman, Dorte Mandrup, granted the EU Mies Award to Lacanton & Vassal in Barcelona on May 7, 2019. Photo: Anna Mas

Architecture as change agent: Reflections on chairing the Mies Award jury

Chairing the powerful award has left Dorte Mandrup confident about the future of architecture.