To remind us all of the grandeur and fragility of our cultural heritage, we’ve built a piece of two vital UNESCO sites in the middle of Copenhagen. The Greenlandic Icefjord and the Wadden Sea are central to our slow exhibit, Irreplaceable Landscapes, at Danish Architecture Center.
Dorte Mandrup, Karlskrona, culture house, library, UNESCO architecture

Adding another UNESCO site to our portfolio

We won the competition for a new culture house and library in the heart of Swedish baroque city Karlskrona - our fifth UNESCO-related project.
We're an architecture studio with a firm grasp on reality and a knack for dreaming out loud.
Svanemølleværket, Dorte Mandrup, Transformation

Transforming iconic power plant into a new Museum of Science & Technology

Together with Casson Mann we are developing the vision for the new Danish Museum of Science & Technology at the iconic power plant, Svanemølleværket.
Dorte Mandrup, Mies van der Rohe, chairwoman

Dorte Mandrup to Chair the EU Mies Award 19

As the first Dane, Dorte Mandrup will be Chairwoman of the prestigious 2019 European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award
We insist on clients that share our ambition and courage - in the end, the extraordinary requires nerve.
"Dorte Mandrup’s architecture is conceived with an unmistakable attitude - an idealism probably quite annoying was it not delivered with an equally unmistakable sense of humour." Finn Juhl Award 2018