• Pragmatism before romanticism in the transformation of the Mineral Water Factory

    By reimagining the old mineral water factory and transforming the listed building into a mixed-use property, we contribute to the unique development of the historic Carlsberg City District in Copenhagen.
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  • Architecture as change agent: Reflections on chairing the Mies Award jury

    Chairing the powerful award has left Dorte Mandrup confident about the future of architecture.
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  • Let's experiment: An architect’s take on MIPIM’s “Engaging the future” theme

    Assuming a lot of people will be spending their time in Cannes discussing risk management and how to grow the bottom line, Dorte Mandrup wants to bring a different view to the table.
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  • IKEA's new home - building the brand

    IKEA's head office in Malmö is celebrating its 3rd birthday this year, so we look back and reflect on our architectural translation of the iconic brand.
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  • Dorte on our interpretation of the Biennale Architettura 2018 theme, FREESPACE

    The Icefjord Centre as “a bridge between civilization and nature in one of the worlds harshest, most unforgiving climates” - Dorte Mandrup.

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  • Substandard social housing norms

    Dorte speaks out about the unambitious social housing in Denmark which ironically, isn't very social at all.

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  • Is Dorte Mandrup UNESCO’s Favorite Architect?

    Challenging sites are no challenge in our eyes - UNESCO protected sites are notoriously full of architectural challenges, but we're more about troubleshooting than trouble-seeking.

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  • Dezeen's "50 inspirational female architects” list met with critique

    Dorte Mandrup recently featured in the hit-list of female architects - but why the gendered category?
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