Exhibition: Explore the importance of place at Aedes in Berlin

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This summer, we are creating a world of contextual narratives at Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin. Through artistic models and a Wunderkammer of inspiration, our first travelling exhibition PLACE delves into the strong bond between place and architecture and examines the contextual potentials tied to finding sustainable solutions. It tells a story of architecture's poetic significance and its ability to heighten our attention to the distinct qualities of context, emphasising that buildings never emerge in isolation. 

"If you look at the exhibited projects individually, they might not seem directly connected, but together they express the contextual abundance that derives from allowing the place to inform the architecture - a richness in materiality, form, and function. In a time where we as humans have become a profound force of nature, it seems increasingly important that architecture conveys something contextually unique and enhances the understanding and experience of each place. Not only when it comes to sensitive landscapes, but also the social, cultural, or economic framework," says Dorte Mandrup.

The meaning of place

For this exhibition we have created a series of site-specific installations and a rich collection of materials, artifacts, and records illustrating the interplay between the character of the place and the building that emerges from it - from the yellow-brown marshes of the Wadden Sea to the breathtakingly vast scale of the Arctic and the uncomfortable memories of war, flight, and expulsion imprinted in the ruins of Berlin's Anhalter Bahnhof. In the Wunderkammer visitors are invited to discover and connect with each place through a collection of materials, that have inspired and informed our work. From the creative chaos in the Wunderkammer, you step into the main exhibition where five site-specific models artistically illustrates the connection between place and architecture.  

PLACE opens at Aedes Architecture Forum on 8 July and runs until 17 August 2022. From here, it will travel to Le Bicolore in Paris where it will open 8 September. The exhibition focuses on The Whale, Ilulissat Icefjord Centre, the Wadden Sea Centre, the Exile Museum, and the Trilateral World Heritage Wadden Sea Partnership Centre.

Visit AEDES for more information about opening hours and stay tuned for more information about the opening in Paris.

Photo: Adam Mørk