Wooden visions on the waterfront in Gothenburg

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Kromet becomes Kronan

Together with Bisgaard Landscape and Rambøll we are one of the four selected teams, who can now present our proposal for the new mixed-use project in Gothenburg, Sweden.

With its 37.500 m2 BTA and a location on the edge of Göta River, the project is an important part of the development of the neighborhood and ambition to activate and utilize the quay's opportunities.

Our concept is based on reuse of building materials from the existing structure and an ambitious sustainability profile. Construction and facade is in timber, and the building will be certified Leed Plantinum. Our proposals presents "a dynamic, iconic building of the future that brings to mind a wooden crown", says Vasakronan.

"Kronan” meaning the crown, will house a sourdough hotel, bike repair, juice bar, specialized restaurants with high quality fast and slow food, coffee shops, vintage and more. On top of the base a wooden "crown" contains offices and apartments of different sizes and typologies.

About the project

The Lilla Bommen area is facing a major facelift, with new street plans that open up to the water and make the quays accessible. It is planned for workplaces and housing for around 25,000 people as well as restaurants, cafes, culture and services. Hisingsbron and Platinan, the area's first new building with offices, hotels and conferences, are already under construction, and now it is time to plan for the next building block: Kromet.

The Kromet neighborhood is located right next to the river at Hisingsbron. Here Vasakronan wants to create climate-neutral offices, housing, culture and retail. Walking distance to the Central Station as well as a new neighborhood structure will give Kromet one of Gothenburg's most attractive locations - both for offices and housing.

The plan is for the winning team to further develop its proposal with a planning 2020 and construction start in 2021.

Read more at: https://vasakronan.se/projekt/kromet/

Renderings by TMRW