The Mineral

Carlsberg’s old Mineral Water Factory may be listed, but it is no delicate flower. Over many years the historic building has been appropriated to accommodate different needs and this mixed-use project is no exception.

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Fortune has it that the wounds left behind from years of alterations have evolved into unusual architectural features, compelling enough to accompany the building on its latest endeavor as a mixed-use building – combining housing, office and commercial spaces.

Situated in the Carlsberg district of Copenhagen, the Mineral is a 2-in-1 project. Originally the Carlsberg premises for mineral water, today the building comprises a heritage protected site. Gifted a new lease of life, the old space will embody a new mixed-use building and be located next to a new build with the same purpose. Conjoined by the existing buildings gable, the amalgamation of old and new together comprise the new city block.

The intention is to successfully utilize and enhance the old factory building. The old building will attain new purpose as a place for work, leisure and accommodation, all of which are located in consideration of the existing structure. The ground floor and first floor will be transformed into retail space while the heart of the building, in utility of the vast double height space, will include 3000m2 of offices. The last two floors will be transformed into 20 loft-style apartments.

The new building is also divided into allocated parts for different purposes. Offices comprising 2600m2 of floor space face Pasteursvej, while the south and west facing facades employ a residential purpose. The apartments enjoy a view of J.C. Jacobsen’s Gardens and a series of terraced volumes and balconies offer up individual personal spaces and give the building a unique character. Incorporating the original design of an additional old Carlsberg building opposite, the balconies of the new build will pay homage to the Hanging Gardens facade.

The ground floor of the building ties its multipurpose use together and includes all entrances to the building, shops and a café, offering an active base intended to liven-up the new neighbourhood.

The warehouse is the epitome of industrial functionalism with the battle scars of more than 80 years of ever-changing shifts in needs and uses to prove it.  
"The interesting thing about the Carlsberg City District is that art and architecture have always been a priority which is highly unusual for an industrial area" - Dorte Mandrup