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    The Orient, Denmark

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    Boligselskabet Domea København Domea.dk

Nordhavnen, the northernmost harbour of Copenhagen city area, is surrounded by water on three sides and is the definition of urban planning potential! Fortunately, the area seems determined to share the potential with people from all walks of life. In an effort to fight off the perils of gentrification, the new Århusgade neighbourhood has reserved 25 percent of its buildings for public housing. The Orient, Dorte Mandrup’s comprehensive contribution to the area, offers up affordable housing as well as homes specifically designed to accommodate citizens with special needs. 

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The new public housing units in Århusgade, The Orient, aim to solve some of the challenges of establishing a diverse community in the new district of Copenhagen, Nordhavnen.

By creating a mixed-use building with a sustainable approach to modern architecture, the public housing unit responds to the many demands of the growing city. The building contains 134 low rent apartments, a day-care centre, shopping streets and bicycle parking lots. The open architecture with urban spaces, retracted and varying facades and green terraces suggest community and a vibrant urban atmosphere that transcends social divisions. 

Each building component appears independent with different cladding, window composition and alternative details. Materials are carefully selected to match the existing environment in the neighbourhood as well as the renewal plan for the district. 

The public housing units are certified with DNGB from Green Building Council Denmark and meet with the energy standards which will apply from 2020 and onwards.

The Orient